Over 100 people participated in our Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 28. 
We enjoyed a lovely lunch, great conversation and remarks by Rector Karen Haig, outgoing Senior Warden Stu Case and the financial folks about the state of St. Barnabas. And the news was good! The 2017 Annual Report was distributed at the event; please click HERE to view a copy.

Special thanks to Rev. Jim Friedrich, who presented a wonderful 2017 Year-in-Review slide show, to Sylvia Dunning, Caroline Cox and Elaine Percival, who created the most beautiful venue imaginable, and to caterer Claire Younker Moe of Fig & Spice, who provided a wonderful lunch for all.



At the Annual Meeting, Rev. Karen announced the appointment of  Kathy Anderson as our new Senior Warden. Thanks, Kathy, for taking on this role once again — we’re all grateful! The slate of vestry candidates, including Randy Krause, Carolyne Myers and Rosalys Peel, were unanimously elected. So please join us in welcoming them to the governing body of St. Barnabas.

For more information, call the front office at 206/842-5601.