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Bishop Visit in June

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Bishop Rickel Will Be With Us In June!
Be sure to mark your calendars for Sunday June 16th and join us for Bishop Rickel’s visitation! The Bishop is with us only once every three years and we know you won’t want to miss him. In addition to hearing him preach, one of the most special things about the Bishop’s visitation is the opportunity to be Baptized, Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church right here at St Barnabas.
Bishop Rickel stands in the apostolic succession that began with Jesus laying hands on Peter who laid hands on others and made them bishops, who laid hands on others and made them bishops and so on throughout time. Bishops are the successors to the apostles whose authority is derived by an unbroken succession in the ministry and laying on of hands. Having the opportunity to have those hands laid on you in Baptism, Confirmation or Reception is a gift we hope you will accept.
If you are a baptized person who has been confirmed in the Catholic or Lutheran Church, you may be Received in the Episcopal Church. Others may be Baptized or Confirmed. Preparation for Confirmation, Reception and Adult Baptism will be held on Sundays in May at 1PM. Children’s baptism preparation happens apart from this series.
Please contact Rev. Karen if you are interested! revkaren@stbbi.org.