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Dave Teves, Senior Warden


Steve Schmitz, Junior Warden for the People


Brian Andvik, Junior Warden for Buildings and Grounds


Judith Hanna


Barb Bolles


Linda Maxson, Caring Community Network Liaison


Kirk Eichenberger, Finance Committee Liaison



Laura Bainbridge


Angie Bickerton, Worship Commission Liaison





Welcoming our 2021 Vestry, Clerk, Treasurer and Chancellor

A note from Rev. Karen…

We are delighted to announce the results of the recent vestry elections! Laura Bainbridge and Steve Schmitz were each elected by the congregation to complete one-year unexpired terms. Steve has been serving by appointment for some months now! Brian Andvik, Barbara Bolles and Judith Hanna were each elected by the congregation to three-year terms, and I’m delighted to welcome them all!

Dave Teves has agreed to serve as Senior Warden this year, and the vestry elected Brian Andvik as Junior Warden for Buildings and Grounds, and Steve Schmitz as Junior Warden for the People. The vestry also reelected Rebecca Ditmore as Clerk of the Vestry and Mike Killion as Parish Treasurer and Kathy Bolles continues as our parish Chancellor. Thank you all so much for your faithful service – we are grateful to and for each one of you!