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Will Nickum, Senior Warden


Rosalys Peel, Junior Warden for the People

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Randy Krause, Junior Warden for Buildings and Grounds


David Teves, Stewardship Liaison


Carolyne Myers, Outreach Liaison


Linda Maxson, Caring Community Network Liaison


Kirk Eichenberger, Finance Committee Liaison


Angie Bickerton, Worship Commission Liaison




November 20th, 2020

Caring for your Clergy – A note from Jr. Warden Rosalys Peel to the Congregation
Your vestry joined with nearly 200 other church leaders from around the Diocese of Olympia (virtually) on November 14th for an insightful meeting with Bishop Rickel titled “Caring for your Clergy during COVID Times.”
We learned a great deal on Saturday morning, but one of the most revealing was the survey of the clergy of our diocese. It was interesting to hear some common challenges and concerns: struggling with technology, leading virtual worship, preaching to empty pews, not being able to provide pastoral care as they had been taught, caught in the middle of the tug to open or not open, and that gifts and pledges might decrease. We also learned that we need to ask our clergy how they are doing and if there is anything we can do to support them.
When we departed that meeting we felt fortunate to have Rev. Jim at Rev. Karen’s side, because he is always there providing her the technical support necessary for the virtual services which are so vital at this time. (Thank you, Jim and Karen!)
At the vestry meeting the next day, we had the opportunity to ask Rev. Karen “How are you?” And “What can we do to support you?” We are happy to report that Rev. Karen is doing well and feels supported by the vestry!
When asked what we can do to better support her, she said, she misses our St Barnabas family and wants to know how each of you are. She went on to say of all that has changed, the hardest part is being separated from us. She wants to hear from us and to know if we are ok or if we are not ok.
When asked how we could best do this she said a simple email message would work. Even as short as what we exchange when we depart the church after a service. Say something about the sermon or how you and your family are doing. Some may share more and some less and all is fine with her. Here I will add, if you are not up for email, then remember the power of a little note card.
She asks for so little and it is so easy for us to provide this small gift for Rev. Karen. So, let’s all jump in now and for the long haul surrounding her with our love of a little hello and the gift of knowing how we are. It will not be the same as a friendly smile and warm hug, but for now this is what Rev. Karen would cherish.
This coming Sunday, November 22 is Stewardship Ingathering and a grand opportunity for Rev. Karen to see us as we drive through to drop off our pledges
(see the Stewardship Message). Rev. Karen will be so happy to see you!!!
Rosalys Peel, Junior Warden for the People,
and the vestry of St Barnabas
Will Nickum, Sr. Warden
Randy Krause, Jr. Warden Buildings and Grounds
Carolyne Meyers
David Teves
Linda Maxson
Kirk Eichenberger
Angie Bickerton
Steve Schmitz

September 13th, 2020

From Dave Teves, vestry member


Dear Saint Barnabas Community,


For those who might not yet know me, let me introduce myself.  I’m Dave Teves, husband of Karena and father of Kawika (3rd grader) and Kala (1st grader). I am in my second year as a vestry member here at St B’s. In my role as a vestry member, I have some exciting news to share with you.

First a little background. At the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church in 2015, a resolution was passed laying the groundwork for a long-term commitment to racial healing, reconciliation and justice. This commitment, referencing a phrase popularized by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, is called Becoming Beloved Community.

Your vestry has been working on a way to engage this work and begin this journey for our community here at St Barnabas. The racial injustices that unfolded throughout the spring and summer, beginning with the murder of Ahmaud Arbrey and most recently with the shooting of Jacob Blake, have added an urgency to our efforts. With guidance from Reverend Karen we came across Sacred Ground, a film-based dialogue series on race and faith.


August 14th, 2020

From Angie Bickerton, vestry member
Hello to the Saint Barnabas community. I am a freshman vestry member and a dedicated “eight-o’clocker”, faithfully keeping a pew warm at Saint Barnabas every Sunday for about five years now. I am also an usher, a bread baker, a helper at the Joy Luncheons, a member of the Caring Community Network, and am training to be a Eucharistic Minster.
I list these joyful duties in the present tense but pondered whether to say ‘I used to…” because I haven’t filled these roles in months. The exception of course is vestry member, for I’ve been attending our virtual monthly meetings and an extra one here and there to stay in touch.
As always, please know that your vestry is always glad to hear from you, as is Reverend Karen.


July 3rd, 2020
Note from Kirk Eichenberger, vestry member…
As Rosalys mentioned last week, we vestry members decided to periodically include a personal note in the parish newsletter.  I agreed to go next, and, in doing so, I suddenly realized that, this being my first year on the St Barnabas Vestry, I’ve never physically sat in a regular vestry meeting.   We were visiting our daughter in Pittsburgh in February, and since then, all our Vestry meetings have been on Zoom.
So, it’s now been almost 4 months since I’ve set foot in the St Barnabas Church building, and I thought I’d reflect a bit on some things missed, and also, some things gained.   I know we all wish we were sitting in Communion with one another, listening to heart-felt sermons and quality music, and enjoying those amazing coffee hours; but I was thinking about some seemingly little things that I actually really, really miss; here’s a short list:

June 26th, 2020
Hello Saint Barnabas Family,
For those that I have not had the opportunity to meet, let me introduce myself. I’m Rosalys (pronounce Rose Alice) Peel, long time member of St Barnabas and a member of the vestry for the past two and a half years serving as the People’s Warden.
Your vestry has missed seeing you!
Zoom is fine, but not the same as a warm hug and friendly in-person chat. We want to connect in a more personal way and decided to send notes via our Saint B’s news. I’m up first, so here it goes.

May 19, 2020

Dear Parishioners of Saint Barnabas,

We are all in this together. We have heard this refrain repeatedly over the last two months, echoed throughout our Island community; a call of solidarity. While it is literally true, we are also aware that everyone’s experience and needs are vastly different. Whether we are starting each day wondering how to juggle an array of challenges (from remote work to caring for family members to simply navigating new rules for shopping at T&C), or amongst those whose livelihoods have been lost, or who struggle with loneliness, we are all moving through these strange times as individuals doing the best we can.

Read the full note here

March 23rd, 2020

Dear St Barnabas Community,

Over the past few weeks we have seen profound changes to our daily lives as COVID-19 moved from a regional outbreak to a global pandemic. This has significantly impacted our parish community, changing the way we socialize, activate and worship. Despite these seismic shifts, we remain resilient; quickly adjusting to virtual meetings and online services. We will continue to adapt as we find our footing in this new reality. We want to recognize that many of these changes can be emotionally and physically challenging for us all.

Read the full note here