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From your Stewardship Team

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Have you heard the stories of our St. Barnabas family? In this stewardship season we are blessed with hearing expressions of gratitude shared by many different people. From a reflection from those with a long history at St. Barnabas to reflections on how finding St. Barnabas felt like coming home, these personal stories are a gift being shared with all of us. If you haven’t yet heard these reflections, you can find them on our stewardship page by clicking the link below.What resonates with you? Your stewardship team is fully engaged in listening and learning.

We are Linda Maxson ljmaxson@gmail.com Mike Killion michaelfk@comcast.net, Randy Krause rklk@comcast.net, Dave Teves david.teves02@gmail.com, or Julie Houck jhouck@stbbi.org. We are happy to hear from you!

Listen to the Stewardship message from Karen & Tom Beierle
Listen to the stewardship message from Peggy & Kirk Eichenberger
Listen to the stewardship message from Senior Warden, Bethany Anderson