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From your Stewardship Team

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Your stewardship team has had the great pleasure of talking with many of you this summer as we’ve called to thank you for belonging to our St Barnabas community and to express our appreciation for each and every one of you. We really do mean it! If you didn’t receive a call or voice message from the Stewardship Team, it may be that we don’t have correct contact information for you. If you didn’t hear from us, please contact cera@stbbi.org or 206 842-5601 with updated information. Thank you!

And… Church-On-The-Beach was a wonderful event in the life of our community! Many of us enjoyed the beauty of God’s glorious creation at Fay Bainbridge last Sunday. We were joined by porpoises (we’re not sure but we think the whales went to the Catholic service), eagles, gulls, sailboats, campers, kayakers and many airplanes this year. The air was fresh and warm, the waves were mostly gentle and not a hint of smoke hung in the air. The sense of community was so present in this beautiful setting, with children playing in the water, everyone throwing prayer stones into the Sound and young ones delighting elders at the amazing pot-luck that followed the service. We can’t think of a better way to be engaged in God and creation – we’re so grateful to live in this glorious place and worshiping together on the beach reminds us of our roles as stewards of our relationships but also of God’s fragile creation. What a day – St Barnabas community life at its best! A big thank you goes out to Heidi O’Brien, Tom Beierle, Julie, Cera and Tom on the staff, and to all who helped put this day together.


If you’d like to be in touch with the Stewardship team, please email Linda Maxson ljmaxson@gmail.com Mike Killion michaelfk@comcast.net, Randy Krause rklk@comcast.net, Dave Teves david.teves02@gmail.com, or Julie Houck jhouck@stbbi.org. We are happy to hear from you!