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Getting together, whatever the weather…

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This is the time of year when Supper (and brunch) clubs would be forming but, as in so many aspects of our congregation’s life, 2020 is different! Most of us know the ins and outs of Supper club—we sign up in August and September and by the beginning of October receive a message of welcome from our group’s host(s) and the names of the seven or eight other people with whom we’ll be enjoying social occasions during the coming year.   So…that’s what’s been happening but as we obviously can’t meet in person for the foreseeable future, we’re proposing a temporary substitute for Supper Club. This new way of getting together we’re calling “Fellowship Hour” to take place via Zoom. There are no agendas–just the wish to get together, catch up, have a chat, get to know each other better and warmly welcome anyone new in our midst.
This is how it will work:
·      As before, a host will welcome you by email and let you know the names of others in your group (we’re thinking a maximum of ten people all told). In that same email, hosts will suggest some dates and times for an initial meeting.
·      When a mutually convenient date and time has been decided, the group will get together for an hour, or thereabouts. At the first meeting, members can arrange dates, times and frequency of future get-togethers.
·      Rather than committing for a year as Supper Clubs usually do, this “Fellowship Hour” will last from mid-November until Easter (April 4th in 2021) when new groups will form. At that point you can choose to join a new group or not.
If you would like to be included in this fun endeavor, email me at mogodman@gmail.com And put Fellowship Hour on the subject line so that I don’t miss any. We want to get this in place as quickly as we can, so please let me know by Saturday, November 7th.

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