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Help Chaplains on the Harbor buy a food truck!

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From feeding those in their parish, to feeding others commercially, Chaplains on the Harbor has begun a new campaign to raise money for a food truck! You may recall that last year St Barnabas sent funds to help COH purchase a tractor, a tractor that has since spurred a farm program that is ready to expand into more resources, more farming, more leadership training, and more people fed!
Needless to say, those in the Westport area have felt the impact of COVID-19, and Chaplains on the Harbor is no exception. Through closures, protests, and tremendous loss, the clients of COH see the need to expand their ministry and outreach. Their solution? A food truck. Because when you give to their goal, it isn’t only a truck they’ll receive. It is the opportunity to feed hungry people, to train new employees and to spread the programs they have developed the places they are most needed.

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