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Update About Kingston Food Bank & Family

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St. Barnabas helped provide a joyful Christmas for children of families being served by the Kingston Food Bank through 39 gifts from the Giving Tree. In addition, Donna and Ric Cederwall report that the parish has made a difference in the lives of the family we have been helping. A computer, software and printer were provided with support mainly from a parish member to help the oldest boy with his homework. Additionally, the donation of a chainsaw by the parish has led to important savings for the family on their electric bill, as they heat their home with firewood. A wonderful chest of drawers, other household items and clothing were also donated by members of the parish. The family also greatly appreciated the donation of a sizeable gift card for a food market. The Cederwalls will keep us informed of key ways we can help in the future. Thanks to everyone at St. Barnabas for being such a caring and generous community of faith.