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St. Barnabas Helps Kingston Food Bank Family

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Ric & Donna Cederwall have been helping a family in Kingston that receives food from the Kingston Food Bank. The Cederwalls have learned that a few other items (or donations to cover the purchase of these items) would be helpful the family. The 12-year-old daughter needs a working chest of drawers.  The older children have school work that is done on a computer and is printed out when finished – the family needs a basic computer and printer. In the past, Anthony has cut firewood for the family to help heat their home. However, the chain saw he had was damaged by a friend and could not be fixed (and the friend refused to pay for a replacement).  So a replacement chain saw is needed to help them keep their electric bills down by heating with wood as much as possible. Financial donations to help the family can be made to St. Barnabas, with “Outreach: Kingston Family” in the memo line. The Cederwalls are happy to pick up any items and deliver them; just email Donna Cederwall at Thank you!

Here is a bit more of the story regarding Ric & Donna’s recent interactions with the Kingston family:

Thank you to everybody who answered our request for kitchen items and towels. Angela is so grateful to each of you.  Her husband Anthony was so excited to see the kitchen items that came in, everything from baking items to bowls of various sizes and some pots. When the kids saw the baking items, they made Anthony a birthday cake. Thank you also for the cash donations. 

We are looking for a chest of drawers for their daughter, Leola, who is 12. Anthony doesn’t mind painting the chest if needed. 

We have learned that they need some big ticket items.Some of the kids’ school work is done on computer and printer, and the old ones they have are not working. We want to help them to get a working computer and printer that the children need for their homework. If you have a tablet you no longer use (or wish to make a contribution toward the purchase of one), that would be appreciated too.

Anthony cuts wood for their heating. He loaned his chainsaw to a family member, who bent the unit, and refuses to pay for another saw. Ideally, the size would be a 42” blade, yet he could cut smaller trees with a 28” blade. Contributions to help purchase one would be a big help.  Or if you have a spare chainsaw laying around, that would great. Ric has a lot of stuff in the garage, yet no chainsaw laying around, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have one hidden under a bed!

 Anthony’s generosity had a cost to it.  He said if he ever gets another tool, he’s not loaning it to anybody.  This tool meant the difference of heating their house with wood, or now using electricity, which makes their bills higher.

These 3 items are expensive and we realize it may take time to collect enough donations.  I’ve looked up the cost for what is needed and it’s about $1200.

Angela works at the casino as a housekeeper.  Her hours will be cut back when the rooms aren’t as full during the winter.  We are met with Angela and Anthony this week to see what is the best way to approach helping them through the difficult time ahead.

They are over the moon with the generosity of our St. Barnabas.  As we are more and more trusted, we learn more of the history of this family.  These two people are firm in protecting their children and providing lots of love.  Their house is the hub for other children and they both love that for their kids.  Their home is a happy place, and the hard times haven’t squashed their dreams for their family.

We thank each of you again for your help.  Financial donations can be made out to St. Barnabas, and earmarked for Outreach: The Kingston Family.

If you have any questions, you make contact Donna and Ric at 206-855-0900, or by email at  or