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Federal Employees Need Our Help

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Every week we highlight what is needed most at Helpline House to benefit the wider community. This week the need is greater, as furloughed federal employees need to seek assistance from Helpline. St. Barnabas has a great heart and history of giving, and now there is greater need for our generosity. We can give more: more food, more funds, and more of ourselves to those who need the most.  Please bring your donations for Helpline to our Wednesday evening programs too!
Most Needed from Helpline this week:
  • Cereals
  • Oatmeal
  • Jelly and Jam
  • Packaged Pasta Sauce
Looking for more ways to assist Helpline House?
Donate your time and join the spring clean-up crew! Helpline is looking for volunteers to mow their yard and help welcome the spring!
For more information please contact Angie Bickerton at angieralph@hotmail.com,or call Helpline House directly at 206-842-7621