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Helpline Needs

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From Laurie Fergusson…
A new bit of information has come out recently – Helpline House will be closing on Wednesdays to give employees more time to make preparations for their clients. Donations may now be made at Helpline’s back door from 9:00 – 11:00 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  You can leave donations in the basket on the Fergusson’s front porch at anytime -13072 Phelps Rd NE. Donationsof hearty soups, stews, meats, fruit and vegetable (pull tops only, please so there is no need for a can opener!), macaroni & cheese and juice boxes are much needed and most welcome.
The foodbank has added 50 new families since March and the after-hours Outdoor Pantry (which is on the honor system) is being used to its fullest capacity.  It would be very hard to count the number of people using the after-hours Outdoor Pantry, but the numbers have dramatically increased since March.  One of Helpline’s board members responded to the increased need by building additional Outdoor Pantry boxes to make more items readily available. Many folks in need do not feel safe coming in amongst a lot of people and consequently they shop after-hours, on their own.  Helpline continues to distribute 70-90 Kids Pantry Bags each week – how many will be needed when BISD closes and school lunches are no longer available, is unknown.
Social Workers have been busy with about 30 clients, up from 10/month.  The Social Workers know there are many more people in need of counseling – many are not comfortable with Telehealth so have chosen not to get help. Depression, anxiety, fear and unrest are very prevalent in those who are being counseled, and the Social Workers are concerned about the many others in need of help.
NEEDS: Macaroni and cheese, juice boxes,  pull top cans of hearty (not concentrated) soups, stew, meats, fruit and vegetables.  Donations may be made from 9am-11am, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Helpline House or anytime into the basket on the Fergusson’s front porch 13072 Phelps Rd NE.
Helpline thanks St Barnabas for their generosity and concern this is one community and together we will survive.