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LOOK! Happening Soon…Something wonderful and special.

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From Kathleen Jennings…
St. Barnabas will open for quiet prayer and meditation starting I Advent on November 29.
In the planning for months, details are being finalized to make this prayer time really special. Three days a week St. Barnabas will open the red front doors for three, 30-minute prayer periods, with time between to keep safety foremost through sanitizing.
Personal prayer times will be scheduled on Sunday afternoons from 1-4, with mid-day sessions on Tuesdays from 10-1 and Wednesdays from 11 -2. Up to five households can reserve their time in advance, and come to pray in our beautiful and historic nave. Almost all is ready, like a good chemical reaction. Just one element is missing…the Catalysts needed to make this happen. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.
Be one of the first to help. One volunteer will oversee a 3 hour time period each scheduled day. Training will be quick, efficient and thorough, keeping everyone safe by following all COVID-19 protocols. If you are interested in helping, would like to learn more or have questions, please contact Kathleen Jennings, jennings@bainbridge.net or 206-780-9158. If the message machine comes on, please leave your call back information. We would like to be staffed, trained and ready to go on the first Sunday in Advent, November 29.

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