All Zoom gathering requests are moving from Rev Karen’s desk to the parish administrator!
What is Zoom, you ask?  Zoom is a very simple technology that will allow us to gather “face to face” from our own homes, or wherever we are with phone, iPad or computer!  Supper Clubs are doing it, Prayer Shawl knitters are doing it, Bible Studiers are doing it, even the Bishop is doing it!  If you’d like to learn about Zoom, click here
Please note that a Zoom meeting is like a single meeting room. We have only one virtual room to share for all of St Barnabas, so before sending your requests, please check our PARISH EVENTS CALENDAR to make sure the time you wish for is available for you and your group. Our calendar will be fully updated with reoccurring Zoom events by September 14th, 2020.
If you wish to gather with your ministry, group, or socially with other parishioners, or if you have any questions about the scheduling process, kindly send your request/questions to parish administrator Cera Rodriguez,

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