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A Note from Our Interium Tenders: Cathy & Will Nickum

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The St. Barnabas Interium is a lovely part of the church and well worth a visit! Since we have been tending this sacred space, we have discovered many people and families we have known on Bainbridge Island. The names bring smiles and memories. You may be surprised when you explore. We have set up a potting area on the south side of the Interium, just down the steps. Here you will find a watering can, a whisk broom, clippers, potting soil and containers. Free free to use these tools and return them to their shelf.

 We are happy to water container plants that are placed on niches when we come, but cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to keep your plants alive over time. Using non-breakable containers and vases is a good way to help keep the Interium safe and beautiful for visitors. If you have suggestions or concerns, please email us at catherine.nickum@gmail.com and we’d be happy to hear from you!