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A note from Children’s Program Coordinator, Sue Thompkins
I wanted to share some good news with all the members of the parish. Our “Kids Sundays @St. Barnabas!” has been having a growth spurt during the pandemic. Our program is now blessed with 12 families and 23 children!! It has truly been a remarkable experience for those of us who are volunteering. We are doing the program on zoom on Sunday mornings for a little over 30 minutes. Each Sunday we have an opening ritual, a Bible story, some kind of work/craft, and a closing. The children are actively participating and the parents are helping those of us who are more technically challenged manage to use zoom. I like to think that we have developed a partnership to bring the program to the children. The volunteers prepare the story, come up with craft ideas, prepare craft components, and make deliveries to each child. Do you remember how much fun it was to get something special just for you when you were a child (or even now)? We decided we wanted our children to have that feeling and experience the love and caring of the parish in this way.
Any group or program that is experiencing the kind of growth we are has growing pains. We are coming up against the reality that there are not many volunteers and there are many wonderful children who are loving our program. How can you help us continue to grow? How can YOU give back to your church?
1. Can you drive? Would you consider helping to deliver the craft materials? We are trying to deliver more than one week at a time and to split the island so that the deliveries do not take much time.
2. Are you a person who loves to come up with art projects/crafts? Our team would love some help with ideas. Are you able to cut paper, count craft sticks, punch holes in cards, etc? We would be very appreciative of having your help in putting the craft parts together for delivery — all from the comfort of your own home.
3. Can you read? Do you love to read stories to children? Would you be willing to attend via zoom and sit while someone else reads? We would love more volunteers to help on Sunday morning. Nearly all of our volunteers are women – know that we welcome and value men’s participation too!
If you would like to join the magic, please contact Sue Thompkins, susan.thompkins@gmail.com or 828-230-9328.
And now the most important part. THANK YOU to volunteers Beth, Cait, Deena, Heidi, Peggy, and Phil for your dedication and love of the St Barnabas children. THANK YOU to all of our wonderful parents. There is no greater compliment to a program than to have the participants bring their friends. I am so very grateful for and overwhelmed by your support. THANK YOU to the children for filling our Sunday mornings with joy.
Sue Thompkins

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