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The Pleasure of Helping

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I ran into our chancellor, Kathy Bolles, after church last Sunday (how nice to say that! yes, we were at church). She mentioned a parishioner who could use some extra support right now but was hesitant to ask for help. “Please,” Kathy told her. “Give us the pleasure of helping you!”
It is a pleasure to help but it’s not always easy to admit we need help. Being on the receiving end feels vulnerable. It’s humbling. It’s also inevitable. At some time in our lives each of us will need the support of others. Let’s accept help graciously. We also have times when we can offer support. Let’s offer it generously.

The people of Saint Barnabas really are an extraordinarily caring bunch. We do a wonderful job looking after each other. I hear of little and not-so-little kindnesses all the time. The Caring Community Network (CCN) of Saint Barnabas (formerly Pastoral Care) looks after others in a bit more organized way to ensure all are cared for. Our scope has been limited by the pandemic but now that restrictions are lifting we can renew our efforts and again get out into the community. We would love some more volunteers.

Transportation is a new need that has recently emerged. A handful of parishioners no longer drive and would really appreciate a ride to church. Can you give a neighbor a lift once a month or so? Are you willing to deliver a meal to a parishioner once in a while? (We especially need a few more cooks). Pay someone a visit? Write a card? Would you enjoy the honor of offering Home Communion? It doesn’t have to be a big commitment. A little help goes a long way.

Please email me at angieralph@msn.com and let me know how you’d like to help:

Meal Train (making and delivering a meal)
Ride to Church
Home Visits
Home Communion Visits
Card Writing
Phone Calls

In the process we’ll get to know our fellow parishioners better as we receive the pleasure of helping. What could be better than that?

Thank you!

Angie Bickerton
Caring Community Network Coordinator

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