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The Six Steps in Christian Giving

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From where we are to where God is calling us!


As we continue to develop our understanding of Stewardship as a deep and abiding awareness that all things come from God – our lives, our health, our families, our friends, our abilities our talents, the income that comes from our work, our every generous impulse – it seems a good time to review the six steps in Christian giving.  Are you a survivalist, consumerist, supportive, subscriptive, surrendered or sacrificial giver?  Here’s a great opportunity to consider your giving – personal, professional, financial and pastoral – and to invite God into your discernment about how and what you are being called to give

SURVIVALIST – I give a bit when I am asked because the church ought to be there in case I need it.
The need is survival and there is a chance the church might help.
The relationship is I know the Church is there if I need it—all being well, I won’t!

CONSUMER – I am happy to pay for the cost of the bits of the church that I want to enjoy.
The need is security and by treating the church on my own terms I feel safe and unchallenged. I see myself as a customer.

SUPPORTER – The work of the Church is important to me, so I will support it.
The need is belonging.
I see myself as a proper member of the Church’s supporters’ club.

SUBSCRIBER – I see myself as a member and I wish to contribute my fair share of the costs.
The need is identity. I am recognized and I play my part.

SURRENDER – My understanding of being a disciple is that I should put God first in my life.
I see a deeper meaning in life and my giving responds to God and not just the needs of the Church.

SACRIFICE – I truly believe my Lord, “demands my soul, my life, my all.”
My Christian calling is to be Christ-like, so naturally I give both joyfully and sacrificially—following Jesus Christ.

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    These are salient reflection tools. Thank you 🙏 for this.

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