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Transition Team Seeks Host for Gatherings with Karen

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The Vestry has established a transition team to welcome and support our Rector, The Rev. Karen Haig. The team consists of Helene & Steve Schmitz, Joan Collins, Joanne & Ed Ellis and Mark Morris. Karen would like to visit with every member of the parish who would like to do that, and sharing a meal together is the best way to visit!  “Jesus had some of his best conversations around the table – I think we do too!”  Karen says!

In addition to Karen & Jim being welcomed by the Supper Club groups, the Transition Team would like to gather small groups of interested parishioners to have coffee, tea, lunch, dinner, or any other small, informal gathering with Rev. Karen. If you are not a member of a Supper Club group, and if, over the next six months, you would like to host such a gathering with Karen & Jim, please sign up in the church parlor.  If you have questions or suggestions for the transition team, please call Helene or Steve at 206/842-3375.