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Advent Film Nights at St. Barnabas

Nov. 30, Dec. 7 & 14 at 7 p.m.

On the first 3 Wednesday evenings of Advent, we will watch and discuss films which explore the comings and goings of God amid the contingencies of our finite human world. Cinema helps us see in new and different ways, opening up the depths hidden within the ordinary. In the Advent season, when we watch and wait for the light to shine in the darkness, films are a marvelous lens for sharpening our attention. Join us in the parish hall at 7 p.m. on the following nights:

Dec. 7 Europe ’51 (1952, 109 min.)


In a wounded and perplexed world, where has God gone? In this intriguing postwar Italian film directed by Roberto Rossellini, Irene (Ingrid Bergman) gives up her well-to-do social circles to serve the poor and needy. But not everyone is ready for divine love to appear in such particular human form. Inspired not only by St. Francis but also by the uncompromising Christian intensity of Simone Weil, Irene’s story addresses the paradox of the Incarnation: Is radical holiness truly compatible with the human condition?

Dec. 14 Cinematic Incarnations


Nativity scenes from Jesus films made between 1912 and the present offer fascinating variations on the visualization and meaning of the Christmas story. Ranging from wide-screen images inspired by Renaissance art to gritty Italian peasants performing the story in black and white among the rough stones of Calabria, these film clips, whether they illumine, expand, or challenge your own pictures of the Nativity, will surely enrich and deepen your personal journey to Bethlehem.

The film series is curated by the Rev. Jim Friedrich, who has worked as both a filmmaker and a teacher of theology and cinema.

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