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Campus Stewards Committee Update

The Campus Stewards Committee members are working toward creating a ten–year master plan, identifying needed projects and priorities, providing a repository for historical records of buildings, grounds and systems, and developing the basis for a reserve fund to be able to provide for regular repair and maintenance items that are outside the typical operating budget in perpetuity.

Progress in the last month since our initial meeting has been good. We are searching church records in order to capitalize on and learn from work that has previously been done. We have enjoyed being reminded of all the things that have been accomplished at St. Barnabas in the last 25 years. There is definitely a strong group of doers in this parish! Here is a partial list, for your enjoyment:

new organ, interrium expansion, carillon bells installation, kitchen renovation, parish hall improvements, new entry plaza, new sound system and recording system, labyrinth, new roofs, and new finishes throughout the upper story of the parish hall and admin areas.

The introduction of the staff position of sexton has been instrumental in addressing many of our outstanding maintenance issues, but we are also investigating to understand what still needs to be done. Locating original construction documents of the sanctuary and administration buildings has proven difficult, so if anyone happens to have any plans hiding in their homes, we would love to see them!

We will be setting up meetings in the next month with many different groups to discuss our current use of all the facilities. We will also be working to discern potential changes and opportunities with our facilities in the coming ten years that will help us continue God’s mission at St. Barnabas and in our larger community. We are committed to sharing updates on our work through this newsletter. We value your input! Please email Mary Anne Smith at ruahatu01@gmail.com with any thoughts.

Thank you,

The Campus Stewards Committee


Campus Stewards Committee:

Mary Anne Smith Tom Beierle
George Robertson Joan Collins
Michael Ditmore Steve Schmitz
Brian Andvik Rev. Karen Haig