Good Friday

April 2nd, 2021

Enter our worship service*
Although our Good Friday service will be available on demand, we hope that people will choose to watch at either noon or 7 pm, so that the community is praying “together.” Please read the instructions below prior to joining our service and note that our service is set to premiere at noon on Friday, April 2nd. 

READ our service leaflet

READ the sermon by the Rev. Jim Friedrich

LISTEN to sermon by the Rev. Jim Friedrich

Today we sit at the foot of the cross to witness a love so profound, it takes in all of human suffering.
For Good Friday, you will need your stations of the cross booklet and your service leaflet from your Holy Week bag. From your own home or yard, you will need a cross and whatever you would like to use to venerate the cross – flower petals, scented oil or just your devotion.

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