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The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

August 8th, 2021

Enter our worship service* Please read the instructions below.

READ our service leaflet

READ the sermon by the Rev. Karen Haig

LISTEN to sermon by the Rev. Karen Haig


*Viewing our live service

We look forward to worshipping together. The link to enter our worship service will be a general link to the St Barnabas Facebook page. Once you arrive on that page, scroll down to our posts (also called our “feed”) to view our latest live video.
If scrolling down to our feed does not lead you to our live service, under the title of our Facebook page you will see different tabs: Home, About, Photos and Videos. Click on the videos tab to be taken directly to a library of St Barnabas videos, both past and present.
Please be aware that this is a live service and if you don’t see something at precisely 10:30am know that the service will begin shortly. We will update our YouTube page on Tuesday with the recording of this morning’s live streamed service.

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