The Christmas Giving Tree

St Barnabas has a wonderful tradition of giving generously to the needy all through the year and especially at Christmas. Last year, parishioners put more than 100 gifts under the Christmas Giving Tree. Those Christmas presents meant a lot to appreciative recipients at Chaplains on the Harbor and Helpline House on Bainbridge Island.


This year, because of the Covid 19 virus, St Barnabas will not have a decorated Christmas tree in the church for us to surround with presents. However, we will continue our tradition.


Here’s how you can help make Christmas better for a needy person. We’ve tried to make this process easy, especially for our parishioners who may not want to go to a store or may not want to shop using a computer.


St Barnabas’s Outreach Committee offers two ways you may buy a gift for a needy person:

  • You make a donation to the Giving Tree Fund. The Outreach Committee will use your contribution to select and buy a gift.
  • You select and buy the gift.
You make a donation to the Giving Tree Fund. (The Outreach Committee does the work for you.) You Select and Buy the Gift.
  • Make a donation for whatever amount fits your budget.
  • Mail your check to Julie Houck at the church. Her address is St Barnabas Episcopal Church, 1187 Wyatt Way, Bainbridge Island 98110. In the memo line at the bottom left of your check, please write “Christmas Giving Tree.”
  • Send your check to Julie so she will receive it by Wednesday December 9th.
  • A member of the Outreach Committee will then use your donation to buy a gift for a needy person at Chaplains on the Harbor or Helpline House.
  • Your donation may be combined with other donations to buy a gift.
  • Go to St Barnabas’s website to find the gift list. You may do this by 1) clicking on this link; or 2) going to and clicking on GIFT LIST to open the gift list. (See the button above)
  • The gift list will show you a list of the specific items that people at Chaplains on the Harbor or Helpline House have requested. Each gift has its own identification number.
  • Mark the items you intend to purchase. You do this by entering your name or anonymous in the far-right column. This is important so we don’t buy the same gift two or three times and that every needy person does receive a gift.
  • Buy the gifts you’ve selected at your preferred store or online.
  • Keep your receipt. Do not put it in the package.
  • If you wish to put a Christmas card or greeting in the package, please do so.
  • Please wrap your gifts.
  • Attach a removable tag to the outside of the package with both your name and the gift’s identification number. You will find an example of a tag in this mailing and on the website.
  • The Outreach Committee will collect your gifts in one of two ways. Do not take them to the church or leave them on the church porch.
  • Method 1: Take your gifts to the homes of Bill, Steve, Laurie, or Ric at the addresses below.
  • Method 2: Contact Bill, Steve, Laurie, or Ric at the numbers or email addresses below and we will come to your home to get the gift(s).


Thank you very much for your generosity and support of the Christmas Giving Tree. Although we won’t have the fun of watching the gifts pile up under the Giving Tree, we can take joy in knowing that the people of St Barnabas have helped brighten Christmas for the less fortunate during a particularly challenging year.





Q: I still have a question. Who can I call?

A: Please call or email one of the Outreach Committee members listed below.


Q: I want to buy a large size coat, perhaps 4XXX, as a present. Where can I find one?
A: St Barnabas doesn’t endorse or recommend any particular store. Large sizes may often be found at Walmart, Target, or Costco, all in Silverdale. Large sizes may also be ordered online. If you order online, remember that it will take some time for the store to get the package to you.


Here are the Outreach Committee members who are glad to assist you:

Bill Galvani


8599 Springridge Road


Steve Schmitz


10999 South Beach Drive


Laurie Fergusson


13072 Phelps Road


Ric Cederwall


1249 Cherry Avenue

Even with the Governor’s stay at home order, there are many ways we can continue to serve the community around us by assisting organizations helping others: Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, Blood Banks, Animal Shelters and more. Donations and volunteers for various tasks (such as fostering a homeless pet in your home) are needed. Contact any service provider first by phone or website for guidance as to the best ways to help and donate.
Helpline House
During the summer months Helpline’s pantry will continue to need hearty canned soups, juice boxes, and boxed mac and cheese. To see the current need at the Helpline pantry, CLICK HERE.To assist Helpline House otherwise, take a look at their donation page and the many ways you are able to support. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Black Lives Matter Freedom Fund
This fund supports Native American and People of Color who are arrested and held on bail for peacefully demonstrating in favor of racial justice. Cash bail is an inhumane system built to unfairly limit the freedom of those without financial/class privilege. The funds collected support the immediate release of people protesting the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Manuel Ellis (May 2020). Any remaining funds will continue to be used for future bailout efforts as an ongoing community bail fund project. Go here to donate:
The Puget Sound Medic Collective
The Collective is a group of healthcare workers who provide inclusive healthcare support for direct action regarding social, economic, healthcare, and environmental injustices. The Collective provides first-aid support, de-escalation, and solidarity for such events. Donate at
If there are organizations you would like shared, orsee a missing type of advocacy in our list please email to communicate what we are missing. We are committed to inclusive Social Justice/Outreach support that benefits the community as a whole and understand that we will have blind spots and much to learn along the way. Thank you!



Caring Community Network
Participate in the prayer chain, offer transportation to shut-ins and meals for families that are going through difficult times in their lives.

Contact: Rev Karen 


Every other month this team provides meals to those in need in the community at Eagle Harbor Community Church.  Volunteers provide food, setup, cleanup and companionship to those in need.  St. Barnabas shares this outreach with congregations from other Bainbridge Island churches.

Contact: Julie Houck | or
Laurie Fergusson |



Secret Prayer Partners (SPP) has been formed as a way to bring the women of St. Barnabas into closer fellowship and spiritual awareness of each other’s needs.  This happens through prayer, friendship and correspondence throughout the year while keeping our own identity a secret from our SPP until the year’s end party and gift exchange.

Contact: Alice Reasoner |



Saint Barnabas supports a Quilting Center in Mongolia that teaches women world-level quilting techniques and assists the Center in selling its goods around the world.  This program enables many Mongolian women to learn marketable skills, earn money for themselves and their families while respecting their own cultural values and needs. For more information go here.

Contact: Maggie Ball |



Saint Barnabas supports the Day School, Bainbridge Island’s oldest pre-school program. The Church houses this two-year program that prepares children for success in elementary school through a developmentally appropriate program of learning and play.  The support of the Church keeps enrollment costs as low as possible.  The children of the Day School attend monthly chapel sessions focused on learning how to be responsible members of a community. For the Day School Site, go here.

Contact: Julia Lampa | Director |



The JOY (Just Over Youth) luncheons are held quarterly as a way to gather our seniors from the area and members together for fellowship in the Parish Hall.  They are served in an elegant setting (tablecloths, center pieces, and all the trimmings, including entertainment.) See your Sunday bulletin for upcoming dates.

Contact: Princie Falkenhagen | or Kathy Bolles | or Barb Bolles |



Christian Reiki is a form of gentle, non-invasive body work that promotes well-being on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Sessions are given at the church by trained Reiki practitioners who work in pairs, and are available to those interested in this form of healing and wellness. Occasional classes are also offered for those who are interested in training at Level 1, Level 2 or Reiki master.

Contact: Ric Cederwall |



An outreach ministry directed by the Rev. Sarah Monroe.  This mission entails providing food, seasonal items, and general support for the many homeless men and women in the Aberdeen and Westport area. Sarah, designated as a Missioner of the Diocese by the Bishop, currently hosts her Chaplains on the Harbor ministry in Aberdeen out of St. Andrews Church. A similar ministry occurs in Westport and utilizes the former St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church that is owned by the diocese. We place a box in the Parlor twice a year. We ask the congregation if they would place seasonal items in the box, which will be taken to St. Andrews. These items will be listed in the bulletin and collected at church over a 5-week period. The collected items will then be delivered to the homeless community or used as the ministry seeks to serve the community. Donation items are collected and then delivered as we seek to serve our community.

Contact: Steve Schmitz |



This group works to promote good stewardship of the earth and our environment through educational efforts designed to lower our individual and collective “carbon footprint”.  Information and best practices are presented throughout the year.

Contact: Julie Houck |


CROP Hunger Walks are community-wide events sponsored by Church World Service and organized by religious groups, businesses, schools and others to raise funds to end hunger in the U.S. and around the world. St. Barnabas participates here on Bainbridge Island. 25% of the money raised during the CROP Walk will go to Helpline House and Fishline here in Kitsap County. Church World Service empowers people to meet their own needs-from seeds and tools, to wells and water systems, to technical training and micro-enterprise loans. For more information |

Contact: Deena Hanke |



Saint Barnabas supports several AA and Al-Anon groups as a way of promoting healthy life-styles among all members of our larger community.  Contact the church office for meeting times and contact information for the groups. Al-Anon meets here at St. Barnabas every Monday at 7:30pm. AA meets here every Thursday at 7:30pm.

If interested in renting a space for your meeting, contact