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Join us on Sunday, May 5 for Restoration Laos


Freeing Land and People in Laos from the Explosive Remains of the Vietnam War

Laos is the most heavily bombed country per capita in the history of the world. During the Vietnam War, the United States dropped 270 million bombs on this tiny, impoverished country, targeting the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Thirty percent failed to detonate. Eighty million are still there, waiting to fulfill their mission of farms, villages, and schoolyards across Laos. (The area marked in red is the area of greatest concern.)


St. Barnabas Prayer Chain

Praying For Each Other: The St Barnabas Prayer Chain

Is there someone for whom you would like us to pray? Would you like to pray for others in our community? The St. Barnabas Prayer Chain consists of a group of volunteers who believe in the power of prayer and who willingly and consistently pray for others. Drucy Burnet Hodge (, 206-780-2904) coordinates our chain, receiving requests for prayers, and sending those prayers out to the pray-ers. If you would like us to pray for you or someone you love, please contact Drucy.


St. Barnabas Commercial Kitchen

Rent Our Commercial Kitchen Today!

Started as an Outreach program of St Barnabas, our kitchen is intended to serve new food industry businesses and help them establish themselves through lower than standard rental rates in a wonderful kitchen space.

Local entrepreneurs, caterers, those dabbling in wholesale are all welcome to tour our facility. Tim Shelly our kitchen manager is here to help you with kitchen orientation, understanding our rental agreements and with kitchen scheduling. Interested in a tour or renting our kitchen? Read more...