An energetic group which puts on numerous activities throughout the year for members of the parish.

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The table is staffed by volunteers during coffee hour in the Parish Hall following 10 AM services each Sunday. The Welcome Table is where we:

Meet and get to know visitors
Answer questions about the parish
Connect people who wish to volunteer with ministries needing help
Keep sign-up sheets for parish events and sell tickets
Take applications for name tags
Meet the photographer who comes every third Sunday to take pictures for the picture board.


Time for fellowship at Saint Barnabas in the tradition of the coffee hour has long been an important part of our church life. For many decades people have been coming together over a hot cup of coffee to catch up on one another’s lives. As a volunteer to serve on a coffee team you will work with a group to provide nourishment in the form of cookies, cheese, meats, etc. Your commitment would involve a willingness to arrive early and stay a little late after the 10 o’clock service once every other month. There will also be a team for the months with a 5th Sunday. Those volunteers would need to serve only four times a year. We also welcome anyone willing to fill in when others are taking time away.


At various times throughout the year, the parish hosts special events such as the Bishop’s Visit, presentations by guest speakers, special lectures, and other parish events that call for more than a regular coffee hour or reception. This committee plans and provides food and beverages for those occasions. Typically, it hosts three or four events a year.


The Welcome Committee welcomes new parishioners, helping them to get acquainted and to have the opportunity to ask questions about the parish while enjoying delicious food and drink.  If you are new to the parish, swing by the Welcome Table or the Parish Office for information.


The St Barnabas Supper & Brunch Club is a long-standing, adult-oriented social fellowship program. Groups of 8-10 people meet for a shared meal where there is time to appreciate each other’s company. We enjoy the gifts of food and drink and learn to know each other, moving from acquaintances to friends. Signups are in August/September. The program runs from October (excluding December) until the end of May. Perfect for newcomers, long-time members, couples and singles.

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