From Mike Killion…
Stewardship is more than a fall pledge campaign, even more than a year long process. As Reverend Karen says, stewardship is a “forever thing.” I believe stewardship is also a love thing! Bear with me here. Earlier this year, members told us our calling is to Love, Seek and Serve which is the process we use to build up the body of Christ at St. Barnabas. Stewardship touches every bit of our church life and love is central to our work.
A member may be a steward as an individual or as part of a group. There are numerous examples of people engaged in Stewardship by leading committees or commissions or being part of a group or working as an individual. Examples of such service are leading Compline services, serving on the Outreach, Buildings and Grounds, Stewardship, Caring Community Network, Worship, Community Life or Finance committees, volunteering with our children’s Godly Play program and serving on the vestry. We steward our community in more simple ways too – by helping setup and put away items needed for Sunday worship or simply donating to St. Barnabas. In every case, love guides those who seek and serve. The essence is we are giving back to God what God has given us.
Members of our parish family are not involved because they are qualified, they are involved for the love of our St. Barnabas family. And when you love St. Barnabas, you want to seek and serve. Stewardship takes time and time is at a premium for many of our parishioners. There are others ways to be a good steward such as driving people to church on Sunday, or being a lector on Sunday or provide funds that can maintain a heathy parish community.
I hope you will examine your level of stewardship activity and make any adjustments you can make. My love for God and St. Barnabas is so strong that I plan for a part of me to “live” at St. Barnabas forever.