Welcome to St Barnabas!

You are invited every Sunday to our church for 10am Sunday services. We ask that you…

  • If you are new to St B, we welcome you especially!  Please take a “Welcome to St Barnabas” card from the table just inside the door, fill it out and drop it in the offering plate. 
  • If you don’t have a nametag and would like one, please fill out the nametag form (also on the table inside the door).
  • Check in is no longer required for worship.  Your name tag is on the table inside the door.
  • Keep your mask on fully covering your nose and mouth throughout the service.  At communion, please return to your seat lift your mask and consume the sacrament at your seat.
  • Don’t touch others without asking first!  Not everyone is ready for full on hugs or even handshakes.  We can bow to each other and pass the peace both verbally and joyfully.


For any general questions, please contact our parish administrator, Cera Rodriguez, cera@stbbi.org

For questions about pastoral care, baptisms, or burials contact The Reverend Karen Haig, revkaren@stbbi.org


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