New to St Barnabas our very own Pocket Sermon Podcast! Now you can take a sermon with you wherever you go!

Sunday sermons will be available on the podcast by the following Thursday, and you can listen to other recent sermons too.
How does it work?

  • The easiest way to listen is through Spotify. The benefit of using Spotify is that you are able to listen with headphones from anywhere!
    • If you have a smart phone, visit the app store for Apple phones and Google Play for Android phones and search for Spotify.
    • Download the app and create an account (it is free for a basic user!), you will be asked to choose three artists, this is just a part of getting your account set up!
    • Once you create an account, you may either search for St Barnabas Pocket Sermon Podcast or use the link below then click on the Spotify icon.
    • Listen to your choice of sermons, and maybe some long forgotten favorite songs too!
  • Or, click the link below and listen directly from the website.

We hope you will enjoy this new way to listen or listen again to St Barnabas sermons!


For any questions or information, please email the parish administrator,