Letter from The Rector,

The Reverend Karen Haig

Dear ones,

As I contemplate this annual campaign letter, I am aware of the suffering and difficulty we have witnessed and experienced this year, both within our own community and throughout the world. The COVID pandemic, raging wildfires and hurricanes, rampant racism and unspeakable unkindness have permeated our world. But because we are Christians, resurrection people, we are the ones who hold hope for the world. Throughout all the difficulty of this past year, you, the people of St. Barnabas have remained steadfast in your abundant outpouring of God’s love and hope. We have comforted sick people and grieving people, sent cards, made phone calls and visited. We’ve partnered with local and global organizations to change the lives of people who are hungry, experiencing homelessness, without education, healthcare, or anyone to pray for them. We’ve donated to disaster relief, advocated and cared for immigrants and refugees, cared for our children, welcomed new worshippers from around the world, cared for creation, advocated for justice and peace, and lived into our Baptismal Covenant to respect the dignity of all people by doing amazing work in ourselves and in our congregation to upend racial inequity. It has been a hard year, but it has also been a beautiful year. Being able to worship together has given us strength for the journey, and for that, we are so grateful. During these tender times it is more important than ever, for us to nourish the body of Christ, in order to be strengthened to Love, Seek and Serve God’s broken, beautiful and beloved world.

Love, Seek and Serve. That is what you told us God is calling St Barnabas to do at this moment in time. We know we can do so much more loving, seeking and serving together than we can on our own. Sustaining and growing the Body of Christ in this place will allow us to be more, to do more, to share more, to give more. When you make a financial commitment to St Barnabas, you proclaim your place in this community and your commitment to the work we do together to bring God’s love, mercy, justice and peace to the world. This is so much more than filling out a pledge card in the usual way with the usual amount, so much more than just giving money to sustain this place we love so dearly. When you pledge to St Barnabas you are saying the church matters in your life and in the life of the world. When you pledge to St Barnabas, you are responding to what God is doing in your life and deepening your commitment to God’s work in the world. When you pledge to St Barnabas you are saying the church has an important role in changing the world and that you want to be a part of that change. So this year, when you consider the financial commitment you will make to St Barnabas, I encourage you to reflect on your deepest beliefs about what God is doing in the world, how God is calling us to Love, Seek and Serve in the world, and how you want to participate in bringing God’s kingdom ever closer by participating in the life of this beloved community.

I thank our God for you, for your many contributions to this community of faith, and for the gift of having you as part of our St Barnabas community. I look forward to celebrating with you and the whole congregation on Thanksgiving Sunday, November 28th at the conclusion of our annual pledge campaign. Thank you and may God richly bless you as you have blessed us all. Faithfully, Karen†