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Campus Stewards Committee Formed

A new committee has formed dedicated to looking after the long term care of our aging buildings and grounds. Our goals include:

  • Create a ten year master plan, identifying needed projects and priorities for work to be accomplished.
  • Provide an accessible repository for historical records of buildings, grounds and systems, maintenance records and responsibilities.
  • Develop the basis for a reserve fund to be able to provide for regular repair and maintenance items that are outside the typical operating budget in perpetuity.
  • Review our facilities for structural safety; environmental impact; program functionality; and landscape and grounds highest and best use.

We will be working in concert with other groups already in place to identify needs and assess our existing conditions. We hope to be able to call on individuals with special knowledge of our history and/or expertise in certain areas. We look forward to this good work of stewarding all of our property and campus, and are committed to sharing updates on our work through this newsletter. We value your input! Please email Mary Anne Smith at ruahatu01@gmail.com with any thoughts.


Campus Stewards Committee:

Mary Anne Smith Tom Beierle
George Robertson Joan Collins
Michael Ditmore Steve Schmitz
Brian Andvik Rev. Karen Haig