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Let’s Update the Stairwell Photo Board!

Don’t you wish we had an updated photo board in the stairwell? I know: I like my 10 year old photo there too (my chin will never look that good again), but we need a refresh. Let’s do it! How about this: take a selfie of you (and your family or household, if applicable, and pets!) and email it to our administrator Cera, info@stbbi.org. You could make it regular and formal or you could take it somewhere interesting (graduation? vacation? swing set?), doing something fun (paddleboarding? plein air painting?). You could include a pet! Maybe you already have that photo. It doesn’t have to be a selfie. Send any recent photo that you would like to represent you, and we’ll use it. Please be sure all names are included. If no such photo is possible, stop me on a Sunday morning, and I’ll snap you a flattering image. Let’s update the board! I depend on it for putting together names and faces. Don’t you?

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