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The Feast of All Saints

On All Saints Sunday we celebrate our place in the communion of saints, connecting with the saints around us and all the saints who have come before us. Our “remembering” on this day is not a matter of thinking back to lives lived in the past, but of recognizing and celebrating the presence of all the ones who have gone before us, especially those we love but see no longer. Join us in this holy community as we joyfully celebrate the communion of all the saints!
During our liturgy on Sunday November 7th, we will celebrate the feast of All Saints at St Barnabas by reading the names of those we love but seen no longer. To be sure your beloved’s names are spoken, kindly send their names via email to cera@stbbi.org or drop off a note with the names of your beloveds in the church drop box next to the parlor door.
Please submit your names no later than October 30th to cera@stbbi.org, with ALL SAINTS’ SUNDAY in the subject line.

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